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Les bottes secrètes


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monique mikla rivera 30/03/2011 21:35

Sur larticle de Jeanett McDonald, page 13 la sorciere that she talk abot was my mother,Mme.Soundra la gitane,we spend abot 5 years w/cirque Amar,i have photos of my self and the yiana call
"fafane'and of my self dancing on stage,age 4.my younger bros.was @ cirque amar,in Maroc,when it got on fire,he was Juanito the elephant trainer,i was suposed to go there to have an act w/the
bears,i have telegram from Cherif to my mom,asking for us to go,or even send me fist."paysan" life was very hard,but
we quit "la vie gitane" in the mid.60,my mom got her app/and told fortune,she was very famouse in Rouen normandie,she had her name in few nespaper and a book was dedicated to her ..{au dela des
reves} by alen delon she died in 1991 a ROUEN.
I came to the USA in 1967 age 22,now leave in Las Vegas USA.
I reale love the article on Jeanette,et les photos,mercie.
Madame Monique Milka RIVERA
2105 South. 10th. street Las Vegas NV 89104 USA



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